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1 x Balloon pump
1 x Balloon pack
2 x Pink gender reveal powder cannon
1 x Box


Planning a baby shower or gender reveal for a girl? This is the perfect decor box for you!! All you need for a simple baby shower or gender reveal.
It's a girl decoration box for a beautiful baby shower, table decor and room decor includes balloons, stands balloon pump, pink gender reveal poppers, and more

1 x balloon pump - you will never be out of breath with this balloon pump, this beauty makes blowing up balloons a fast and happy experience.

1 x Balloon pack - includes- 2 leaves, 1 happy birthday banner, 1 x pink ribbon, 1 x balloon tape to stick balloons together, 2 x 12inch balloons with gold circles in, 20 x 10-inch pink balloons, 10 x 10-inch yellow balloons, 5 x 12inch gold balloons.

2 x Gender reveal cannons.

1 x brown box- can be used to carry.

Baby Shower Décor Kit and Gender Reveal forGirl

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