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Product Description: Standing Clown with Balloon 1.7m, Animated Boy Standing with Rain Coat 80cm, Balloon cluster (5 balloons, string, weight & Helium), 10 x Helium Balloons, 10 x weights, 20 x Loose balloons for floor.


Relive the chilling thrills of Stephen King's IT with our exclusive Halloween decor package inspired by the iconic horror film. This terrifying bundle includes:

  • Standing Clown with Balloon (1.7m): Greet your guests with a towering figure of Pennywise, the menacing clown.  This life-size standee, complete with a red balloon, will send shivers down the spines of even the bravest partygoers.

  • Animated Boy Standing with Raincoat (80cm): Reimagine the haunting encounter with Georgie Denbrough as our animated boy figure stands eerily in the rain. The lifelike movements and realistic raincoat will transport your guests back to the terrifying streets of Derry.

  • Balloon Cluster (5 balloons, string, weight and helium): Recreate the iconic red balloons that float ominously throughout the IT universe. This cluster of five red balloons comes with string, weight, and helium, allowing you to scatter them throughout your party venue.

  • 10 x Helium Balloons: Enhance the eerie atmosphere with ten additional helium balloons in assorted colors. These floating orbs will add a touch of whimsy and suspense to your Halloween décor.

  • 10 x Weights: Ensure your balloons stay securely anchored with ten included balloon weights. These discreet weights will prevent your balloons from floating away, keeping the creepy atmosphere intact.

  • 20 x Loose Balloons for Floor: Create a carpet of red balloons on your floor, replicating the iconic scene from the movie. These loose balloons will add an extra layer of eeriness and set the stage for a frightfully fun Halloween party.

With this comprehensive IT-inspired decor package, you can transform your home into a spine-tingling spectacle that will leave your guests breathless. From the towering clown to the floating balloons, every element is designed to capture the chilling essence of the movie, making your Halloween party an unforgettable experience.

IT Movie Inspired Clown Halloween Decor Bundle I

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