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4 x Pumpkin paper lanterns, 2x Pumpkin RIP , 2 x 2m Jack-o'-lantern Pumpkin led light strings


Unleash the Halloween Spirit with Our Pumpkin Combo Decor Package

Embrace the spirit of Halloween with our captivating Pumpkin Combo Decor Package, transforming your home into a spooky spectacle. This comprehensive bundle includes:

  • 4 x Pumpkin Paper Lanterns: Add a touch of whimsical charm and a warm glow to your Halloween décor with our four vibrant pumpkin paper lanterns. An adorable pumpkin design that will instantly elevate your Halloween ambiance.

  • 2 x Pumpkin RIP Signs: Embark on a spooky journey with our two ominous Pumpkin RIP signs. These eye-catching signs, featuring a distressed design and the classic "RIP" inscription, will add a touch of eerie realism to your Halloween decorations.

  • 2 x strings of Pumpkin LED Lights: Illuminate your Halloween scene with our enchanting Pumpkin LED lights. These lights, shaped like adorable pumpkins, emit a warm and inviting glow, creating a magical atmosphere for your Halloween festivities.

Theme Ideas:

  • Haunted House Transformation: Transform your ordinary home into a spine-tingling haunted house with our pumpkin lanterns, RIP signs, and LED lights as part of your spooky décor.

  • Halloween Party Spectacle: Elevate your Halloween party with our pumpkin-inspired decorations, creating a captivating and memorable atmosphere for your guests.

  • Halloween Yard Display: Transform your lawn into a Halloween wonderland with our pumpkin lanterns, RIP signs, and LED lights as the focal points of your decorations.

  • Halloween Photo Booth: Capture unforgettable Halloween memories with our pumpkin-themed decorations as the backdrop, adding a touch of playful spookiness to your festivities.

Halloween Pumpkin Combo Decor Bundle

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