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Product Description: Spider Web Arch - 1x large spider, large spider web, ivy, fairy lights & circular arch frame.


Create an eerie and enchanting atmosphere at your Halloween party, Wednesday Party or Haunted House Party with our spooky Spider Web Arch. This impressive arch is adorned with a large spider web, twinkling fairy lights, and creepy crawling ivy, making it the perfect centerpiece for your haunted house or outdoor gathering. The arch comes complete with a large spider, adding an extra touch of realism and fright to your décor.

Product Features:

  • Large spider web for a spooky Halloween look
  • Twinkling fairy lights create a magical and enchanting atmosphere
  • Creepy crawling ivy adds a touch of realism and texture
  • Large spider for an extra touch of fright

Theme Ideas:

  • Halloween Party: Transform your home into a haunted house with our Spider Web Arch as a backdrop.
  • Outdoor Halloween Gathering: Create an eerie and inviting atmosphere for your outdoor Halloween party with our Spider Web Arch.
  • Haunted Trail: Add an extra scare to your haunted trail with our Spider Web Arch placed at key points along the route.
  • Halloween Photo Booth: Capture memorable Halloween photos with our Spider Web Arch as the backdrop.


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