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Length 2m including 10Jack-o'-lantern lights

Unleash the Halloween Spirit with Our Jack-o'-lantern lights

Embrace the spirit of Halloween with our captivating Jack-o'-lantern lights, transforming your home into a spooky spectacle. 


Illuminate your Halloween scene with our enchanting Pumpkin LED lights. These lights, shaped like adorable pumpkins, emit a warm and inviting glow, creating a magical atmosphere for your Halloween festivities.

Theme Ideas:

  • Haunted House Transformation: Transform your ordinary home into a spine-tingling haunted house as part of your spooky décor.

  • Halloween Party Spectacle: Elevate your Halloween party with our pumpkin-inspired lights, creating a captivating and memorable atmosphere for your guests.

  • Halloween Photo Booth: Capture unforgettable Halloween memories with our pumpkin-themed decorations as the backdrop, adding a touch of playful spookiness to your festivities.



Halloween LED Jack-o'-lantern Pumpkin String Lights

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